Singapore Airlines ties up with Insider to drive digital growth

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has partnered with digital marketing platform Insider to further drive digital growth and deliver personalised experiences to customers across all its channels. With Insider, SIA aims to implement initiatives on-the-fly while tapping into customer intelligence to treat every traveler as an individual.

Using Insider’s Growth Management Platform, SIA looks to offer customers an experience that best serves their needs. The Insider’s Growth Management Platform utilises the latest AI technologies and as such, the airline will be able to personalise the end-to-end experience for its customers and impact its key metrics.

In addition, onsite personalisation can also be used to tailor the booking experience to each individual user’s needs and drive conversions. At the post-booking stage, push notifications can be optimised to potentially drive customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. Moreover, a combination of onsite personalisation and recommendations can be employed to drive hugely important upsell, or ancillary revenue.

According to a press statement, the eCommerce team at SIA was impressed by Insider’s product roadmap and commitment to developing new features based on emerging trends and customer requirements. The wealth of Insider’s vertical expertise, proactive, customer-centric and innovative company culture were also important considerations for the national carrier in the decision-making process.

Besides delivering “top-notch experiences” in real-time, the national carrier also aims to improve its key metrics such as conversion rates, ancillary revenue, and customer satisfaction scores. The team at SIA was specifically on the hunt for a “multi-channel, industry-leading” platform that would integrate into the existing tech stack and empower the marketing team to move quickly in response to ever-changing consumer demands.

Hande Cilingir, CEO and co-founder at Insider said SIA will now be able to create a 360-degree view of each customer and optimise its full-funnel multichannel customer experience. “Using the latest AI technologies, Insider’s Growth Management Platform will enable Singapore Airlines to deliver highly personalised, meaningful experiences to each individual based on historical, real-time and predictive data,” he added.

According to Cilingir, SIA’s decision to focus on providing relevant, contextual interactions to its customers demonstrates its deep commitment to becoming a leader in multichannel customer experiences.

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