Singapore Airlines’ last ad with incumbent Dentsu Mobius goes viral

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has launched a video which showcases dishes from its “Book the Cook” menu. Rather than showing how the life-sized versions are made, it instead created miniscule versions of the food made in a tiny kitchen.

The campaign was conceptualised by social media agency Dentsu Mobius and aimed to draw focus to Singapore Airlines passion for exquisite food, flavors and craftsmanship. Marketing understands this was the last piece of work from Dentsu Möbius media after its three years with SIA as their global social media AOR. The account has since moved to Zenith.

When first spotted by Marketing, the video was fast approaching 1 million views within the first 24 hours of launch. Since then, the Facebook video has garnered 1,667,683 views, 26,892 reactions, 4,943 shares and 1,477 comments at the time of writing.

The tiny kitchen features miniature versions of stoves, grills and even utensils uses to prepare the food which is cooked over a candle flame. Meanwhile, the dishes were reduced to just 5.5cm. This was to show that there is indeed “no detail too small”, which is the name of its campaign.

Dishes include Singaporean Signature Satay which uses 30 ingredients and hand-fanned over hot charcoal, and and Coorgi Murgh Korma (Coorgi Chicken Curry) which takes a mix of 14 spices to complete. This was done to highlight the airline’s broad network offering.

Last year, SIA commissioned the expertise of American designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart to showcase the meticulous design of its seating products. The video, which showcases the designer painstakingly constructing a miniature airplane seat, was lauded by many for its impressive story-telling.

It has since garnered over nine million views on Facebook to date.

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