Sing Tao Group meets changing market demands for segmentation and specialisation

In its latest financial report, Sing Tao News Corporation has announced improved results, and devoted substantial coverage to its development of new media business – a significant contributor to the enhancement of its services to both readers and advertisers.

According to the latest Ipsos Media Atlas, newspaper (print) readership in Hong Kong has arrested its fall in recent years and remained rock solid at its current level, with a notable growth in the aged under 50, highly-educated and senior executive groups. “This goes to show that print media still appeal to, and serve a segment of premium readers who demand high quality content,” observes Siu Sai-wo, Chief Executive Officer of Sing Tao News Corporation.

In mapping the media conglomerate’s future direction, Siu is unequivocal on the adoption of an ‘offline to online’ strategy as the best way forward. “As we find growing demands for one-stop services within the media group, there’s no way we would give up the traditional print media which commands a strong status,” he emphasises. “A parallel approach in both the offline and online mode is, in our assessment, the optimum solution in response to a changing market – one that never ceases to gain in sophistication.”

But Siu is quick to point out that the dual platform is not a simplistic transfer of content from one to the other. In its ‘Jetso’ app for instance, Headline Daily has expanded its range of shopping offers, interactive games and promotional activities to help advertisers engage with their customers. “It’s the value-added content that makes the difference,” he says.

Drawing reference from Toronto Star, Sing Tao’s overseas partner, Siu also highlights the vertical scope coverage of its digital platform that caters to specific interests. In addition to general news coverage, readers can access their topics of interest, such as in education and parenting; finance, cars and property; art & culture and hobbies; recruitment and training; and more.

“We know, for instance, that there is a large following for prestige cars in Hong Kong, so we have a wealth of information and data for Mercedez Benz fans and BMW fans respectively,” he adds. “While soccer fans can follow their top scorer in various tournaments, basketball fans will not miss the latest action of their favorite sharp-shooter either!”

Welby Li, Group Business Director, Advertising Department of Sing Tao Limited, likens the paper’s O2O (offl ine to online) strategy to a hybrid car where the two elements co-exist for optimum effectiveness.

“In the brutal competition to maintain market share, both the media and their clients have to work that much harder,” she explains. “Readership segmentation demands smart media deployment, hence the importance in the media of providing a one-stop solution for clients in mounting their marketing campaign.”

Li points out that with the launch of its digital network and network buy options, Sing Tao is well-positioned in this respect as different papers and different platforms combine seamlessly to help clients achieve their objectives. “With Headline Daily, for instance, we can help clients with our targeted approach by organising specific location-based inserts,” she says. “These campaigns have proven to be very cost-effective.”

“From the clients’ standpoint, ROI is the KPI for their business – from building brand awareness through to acquisition,” she adds. “And we stand ready, willing and able to offer integrated solutions that have been tried and tested.”

This article was brought to you by: Sing Tao News Corporation