Sin Chew’s e-paper nets record number of subscriptions

In slightly more than a year since its launch in February 2014, Sin Chew e-paper has netted more than 25,500 subscriptions.

Malaysian Chinese newspaper Sin Chew Daily, has a circulation of more than 400,000 copies daily.

“With the influx of new technologies, the media industry in Malaysia continues to undergo inevitable transformations, with the e-paper being one many by-products,” says Tan Chee Yuen, Sin Chew Media Berhad Corporation group chief operating officer. “We’re re-fashioning the media business model to target digital immigrants and natives as well as those who want to access news through multiple digital platforms.”

”We’re thrilled to learn that a significant number of the e-paper subscribers are new and young readers, a new market segment that the traditional print has had difficulty penetrating in the past.”

In March 2015, in an effort to venture into the bilingual market, Sin Chew Media Group collaborated with the Star Media Group to jointly launch the Sin Chew-Star E-paper package. The package, which is offered at RM199 per year, has to date received an overwhelming response from the public, making it one of the best-selling packages for both media giants.

Sin Chew e-paper is offered in five packages. Package A, the most popular package, comprises more than 70% of its subscribers, is offered at RM60 per year, equivalent to less than 17 sen per day. Package B, the second most popular package, allows subscribers access to both digital and print versions. It is offered at RM380 per year in West Malaysia and RM350 per year in East Malaysia.

“We’re delivering an irresistible value proposition with subscribers getting the latest news and features in two languages, and much more,” notes Eugene Wong, Sin Chew Media Berhad Corporation group chief marketing officer. “From a commercial standpoint, advertisers will get more bang for their ringgit with an extended consumer base.”

Apart from collaborating with Star Media Group, Sin Chew Media Group also works with players from other sectors, including the Sen Heng electrical products chain store, KK Super Mart, and Celcom Sarawak, the latter establishing and developing a comprehensive e-paper distribution network throughout Malaysia.

The introduction of the Sin Chew e-paper Activation Card in April 2015, which eliminates the lengthy and complicated registration process, allows subscribers to view the e-paper immediately after full payment is made at the distribution centres.

“With the existing subscription rate, we are confident that the total number of Sin Chew e-paper subscribers will continue to surge,” says Wong. “The future for Sin Chew e-paper is promising and encouraging.”