Suncity Group revitalises Macau's music industry through title sponsorship

Macau-based Suncity Group has sponsored a series of events for music lovers that kicked off on 19 September at the Cotai Arena, Venetian Macau.

Aimed at revitalising the development of Macau's cultural industry, Suncity Group has sponsored the "Suncity Group Rooting for Macau - SIM! Music Festival 2020", the first musical performance of series events title sponsored by the group.

The first performance at "Suncity Group Rooting for Macau - SIM! Music Festival 2020" featured a group of Macanese singers, artists, dancers and more than 200 people from the industry. A total of 12 units competed in the same stage with singing and dancing. Another music fest, the "Suncity Group Rooting for Macau - SIM! Full Band festival 2020" will take place on 26 September, featuring 13 teams of Macanese rock bands along with DJ performances.

"With the impact of the pandemic, performing arts and cultural industries in China and Macau have been hard hit," said Alvin Chau, CEO and director of Suncity Group and president of the Macau Artistes Association.

"Most of the large-scale musical performances have also been suspended. 'Suncity Group Rooting for Macau - SIM! Music Festival 2020' as the first music festival of this year, it undoubtedly brings more positive energy to Macau society as well as the cultural industry, pro-actively supporting the development of Macau's industrial diversification," added Chau.