Sign off: Online video advertising

Throughout this week, A+M has shared some insights on ‘online video advertising’. The sunny side-up of this industry is, it creates an opportunity for brands to explore creativity with ads using the online platform.

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“With a wide bandwidth here in Malaysia, this trend is believed to be growing as people are able to gain access to fast internet and watch videos with lesser lags on multi-screens,” said David Soo, general manager of Saatchi & Saatchi Arachnid Malaysia.

Advertising slots can be purchased according to the viewership demographics and this is available for both online video advertising and TV advertisements where brands are able to position their campaigns to reach the right target audiences.

According to a research done by Econsultancy, TV advertising budgets are slowly moving online and online video advertising represents about 3% of TV budgets. A study by IAB revealed that while TV advertising still dominates the market, online video ads have higher impact than TV ads.

The ratings of online video ads are currently weakly accumulated, but the partnership between comScore and Google seems promising for providing a platform for data and ratings of online video ads. Google users are able to view where your video was shown and figure out if you need to tweak the information according to target group. TV ratings can be accumulated through a technique called ‘statistical sampling’ to rate the show and it is commonly used by Nielsen in the U.S.

Advertising on YouTube allows ‘skip’ and ‘non-skip-able’ ads. For ads that are non-skip-able, viewers of the selected video paired with the ad would have to sit through it; unlike TV ads where users have the option to channel surf when commercials come on.

There is a hype for this new age advertising as brands slowly move to online video advertising and out of TV. However, a data by Nielsen’s analysis claims that this trend is not fast moving enough, accounting for only 2.3 of total TV viewing.

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