Shu uemura asks bloggers to lead new content strategy

Interactive isn’t necessarily restricted by digital – shu uemura is proof of that with a card game as a by-product to back its new product launch.

Created by Curious Few, the branded card game, Makeup Roulette, aims to add some fun in its newly launched cleaning oil Porefinist, alongside a launch video featuring beauty and fashion bloggers Hana Tam, Zoe Suen, Bren Lui and her boyfriend.

Alongside the viral video is a 30-second outdoor spot and a social media campaign, which encourages Facebook users to purchase the new product to take away card games.

“Together with the shu uemura creative team we took a different approach from the usual product demonstration fair that plagues this category in terms of creativity and created a limited edition product,” said Man Kit Lee, co-founder and creative director at Curious Few.

“The campaign suggests a new way of how brands can use bloggers to create owned content instead of depending on sponsored videos.”

The campaign will run until the end of April.


Creative agency: Curious Few
Creative team: Man Kit Lee, Fenris Kau, Sylvia Mai, Wayne Lau and Howard Kwong
Director: Victor Manggunio from Noodle Hong Kong
Client marketing team: Diane Ho, Niki Lo, Kim Lo, Mabel Lee and Veronica Suen
shu uemura card game