Shopper360 Group adds two new companies

Shopper360 Group has launched two new companies named Gazelle Activation and Shopper+. Shopper+ is headed by Sam Chan, who is the CEO of Pos Ad, Gazelle Activation and Shopper+. According to the company, as shopper360 steps further into the digital age and ever-changing landscape, it is important to have a dedicated insight, creative and tech shopper marketing company to service client’s needs.

Meanwhile, Chan and client service director and GM of Gazelle Activation, May Kim, also explained Gazelle is a complete creative shopper activation agency with customised solutions. The group will offer “premium services and delivery to ensure clients can bring the best of brand experience to their shoppers and consumers”. The group also claims that Gazelle will be strategic-minded and insight driven in ideating and executing experiential marketing to meet the needs of the clients.

According to the group, both the new companies are ready to collaborate with business partners be it clients, media agencies, creative agencies and retailers, to bring out the best of integrated solutions.

Shopper360 is a shopper marketing services provider in the retail and consumer goods industries in Malaysia, with 30 years of experience in the in-store advertising industry. The group offers a comprehensive range of marketing and advertising services that integrate along the entire shopper journey, through in-store experience to loyalty, retention and repeat purchase.

It consists of five agencies, namely Pos Ad, Jump Retail, Shopper+, Tristar Synergy and Gazelle Activation.