Shopee MY jumps on Visit Malaysia 2020 logo hype to promote product

Shopee Malaysia is showing off its creative prowess again. This time, it has pushed out a tongue-in-cheek Facebook post to promote a bird's nest product by Kinohimitsu sold on its platform, tying it with the much discussed Visit Malaysia 2020's logo logo. The post also referenced the recent pigeon droppings polluting a school in Pasir Gudang, Johor, leading to its closure.

The meme said that the hornbill brings in tourists, while the pigeon brings in diseases. The bird's nest drink, however, brings health benefits to everyone.

Meanwhile, the caption also read: "Malaysia is a lucky earth that is rich in biodiversity. The diversity of birds in our country play an important role in the ecosystem. Among the benefits include providing supplements to the bird's nest essence which is available on Shopee."

Clearly not the first of its social jacking and cheeky swipes, speaking to A+M, Marianne Chuo, marketing lead, Shopee Malaysia said that if a particular topic is already of public interest, the audience will not get tired of the postings. The Shopee team said that the audience generally perceive brands who do such trend jacking as "fun, witty, creative and attuned" to current affairs.

According to Chuo, interactive postings such as these where the team gets to demonstrate its understanding of the local market helps deepen the level of engagement with its followers and even build affinity. She said:

With the right direction and a good punchline, consumers will not get tired of it.

As this meme is more of a branding effort as opposed to performance marketing, Chuo said that there is no hard number she can place on whether such postings drive sales and transactions. However, on Facebook itself, the Shopee team noted consumers' intent to purchase via the comments left on its posts. A quick check by A+M found that reactions from netizens were largely positive, with several lauding Shopee's marketing strategy.

“Social jacking is not just about picking up on trends. In order for it to work, it has to be executed with a level of precision not just in terms of content. Equally important is addressing the topic in real time and when a particular trend is peaking. It gets difficult when deciding exactly when to schedule the posting especially when brands are in the race to be the first. Consumers are most receptive to the first brand to post on the topic and subsequent ones would just be deemed as jumping on the bandwagon," Chuo said.

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