Shopee found to be the most popular e-commerce site for Indonesian mothers

With the proliferation of digital on the rise in Indonesia, it is no surprise that online shopping is also on the rise. A new survey by TheAsianParent has found that for Indonesian mothers, Shopee is a first choice shopping platform (73%), followed by Tokopedia (54%), Lazada (51%) and Instagram (50%).

For 90% of the respondents, Shopee was found to be the most affordable online shopping platform. According to the survey, this might be due to Shopee features such as in-app messaging features, and free goods delivery promos. 83% of the respondents also said they would recommend Shopee to their friends.

98% of mothers surveyed said they were the "ultimate decision" makers for their household purchases. The three main reasons Indonesian mothers shop online is due to convenience of doing so anytime and anywhere, saving time and allowing for the comparison of prices easily. Shopping online also allows mothers to avoid the hassles of shopping outside with a child.

Price comparisons and reviews were found to be very important to mothers – which provide ease in comparing the quality of goods through reviews online – especially on parenting sites. Around 94% of respondents made a purchase following online recommendations, while 28% made purchases after recommendations from parenting sites.

The survey also found the factor of affordability to be a mother’s primary consideration when choosing an e-commerce platform for online shopping. This includes 46% of mothers with children aged four and above looking for discounted products. Other factors include trustworthiness of the seller and the existence of free shipping service.

Online shopping also allows for ease of payment transactions, which was observed to be a common online shopping pattern in the survey. 41% of respondents showed a preference toward making payments via mobile for online shopping purchases.

In terms of online shopping frequency, 73% of mothers shopping online shop around two to three times a month, with six out of 10 spending RP100,000 to RP300,000 on average. These purchases are primary related to children – with 78% accounting for children’s clothing and 61% for baby/child products, the survey findings said.

TheAsianParent survey was conducted in December 2017 to more than 1000 mothers in Indonesia aged between 20 to 40 years with household income above RP3 million.

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