ShopBack Singapore hires new head of marketing

ShopBack has appointed Imran Mohamad as its new head of marketing. In his new role, Imran (pictured) is tasked to expand ShopBack’s user base in Singapore, and to drive more sales for merchants as well as cashback to users. Imran reports to Joel Leong, co-founder of ShopBack. Leong also oversees the Singapore market.

In a conversation with Marketing, a spokesperson said Imran brings with him more than eight years of experience running 360 campaigns with his marketing agency and previous startups, as well as experiences in merchant relations in past roles. Previous campaigns Imran was incolved with included "The World's First Chilli Crab Challenge" and marketing for "Chatuchak Singapore". The spokesperson added that having experience in bottom line-focused SME campaigns, Imran is "especially excited" to combine creative ideas with mechanisms that bring value to ShopBack and its stakeholders. According to his LinkedIn profile, Imran previously helmed the roles of head of marketing at Rhemaworks International, as well as managing director at advertising agency The Leverage Group from 2017 to 2020.

“Imran brings with him years of experience in the marketing and communications field and we are delighted to have him join the ShopBack Family. I look forward to working with Imran on creative projects and campaigns, starting with ShopFest 2020," Leong said. Imran’s vision for ShopBack is to become a brand that is top-of-mind for consumers when it comes to their online shopping journey. He aims to communicate with simplicity, authenticity, and clarity that ShopBack is committed to delivering "the best experience and value" to its users and merchant partners.

“I am delighted to join ShopBack during a most exciting yet challenging time. We are in a great position to create many joint campaigns with brands to engage audiences, and there are many milestones to work towards in the future - and I look forward to playing my part," Imran Mohamad, head of marketing, ShopBack Singapore, said. 

Imran's most recent campaign for ShopBack's shopping festival ShopFest 2020 was kickstarted with an ad that is similar to the much-discussed condominium ad "Uptown at Farrer" that made headlines recently. The ad featured the same couple, only this time with their roles reversed. Instead of the male actor narrating, the female is now placed in the spotlight. In a cheeky twist, the ad also reiterates the words "ShopFest at ShopBack" instead of "Uptown at Farrer". 

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