ShopBack confirms authenticity of 'strange-email' by CEO

If you have recently received a strange-looking email from ShopBack about a 150% Cashback at Guardian stores and wondered if it was spam mail, you have been mistaken.

The email which appeared to have been mistakenly sent by CEO Henry Chan to non-Shopback employees is part of a campaign highlighting the launch of the partnership between Guardian and Shopback GO.

In a press statement, the company confirmed that consumers who make their first ever ShopBack GO purchase at a Guardian store before 24 November will earn 150% cashback. It has also taken active steps to address the concerns raised by some recipients of the email, including sending out clarifications.?Marketing has reached out to ShopBack for additional information.

ShopBack GO is a feature on the ShopBack app?that gives customers cashback on purchases at more than 800 partner restaurants and retail stores, when they pay using a credit or debit card they've linked to ShopBack GO.

Head of ShopBack GO, Vincent Wong, said the 150% cashback "is a pretty rare phenomenon" and the team thought an offer like this required a sensational announcement to spread the word.

"We pulled a fast one by pretending the email was sent by our CEO, who's actually away on paternity leave. The Guardian team has been super supportive of our partnership so far, and we hope we can do another crazy offer like this again in the future," he said.