Click and shop for Clinique

Clinique is now giving Malaysians the option to shop for their skincare online – paired with some expert grooming advice.

Catching up to speed, Clinique  has launched its first e-commerce site in Malaysia. According to Paul Slavin, managing director of the Estee Lauder Companies Malaysia, this is the 6th regional site, after Australia in 2006,  China in 2008, Japan 2009, with Korea and Thailand in 2012.

Clinique told A+M that this e-commerce site is a logical extension of their digital strategy which has always included a strong social media voice, digital banners and search advertising that lead back to the website. This enhancement is simply one more platform addressing the needs of their target consumers who are young working women aged 20-35.

It is no secret that young women are spending more time than ever before online. Over the last decade, the growth of the internet both as an advertising medium and retail mechanism has been phenomenal.

Sharyn Wong, brand general manager of Clinique and Origins says, “There is a shift in the way people want to shop.  With the rising population of online shoppers, consumers expect to be able to buy Clinique products from a trusted site.  We are creating accessibility."

iDotU manages media for Clinique, while Crave Asia maintains the website.