5 creative video types to wow your audience

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Global lockdowns and work-from-home policies are making it increasingly challenging for creatives, agencies and brands to deliver high-quality content for both internal and external use. Yet, we are consistently delivering digital communications with limited resources in the face of business pressures in this new normal.

Research by Wyzowl noted that 87% of businesses now use video as a communication tool. These businesses understand that video is a powerful asset to both internal and external consumers, with 79% of people saying a brand’s video has convinced them to buy an app or software. The fact is that the impact of video is undeniable, but the possibilities of using video for different business functions are limitless.

Here are five creative video types that you can create to wow your audience. 

1: Film a white board video

Remember back in the day, when “Draw your life” became a hot sensation for YouTube stars where we learned so much about their life in a one-minute video. Yes, that is right! White board videos are a great way to engage your audience through hand-drawn or animated illustrations. They are short, to the point and end with a clear call to action. 

 2: Animated explainers

You can use animated videos in lots of different ways – from animated illustrations to full character animation videos. Animation – being an alternative to simple human talent – is powerful for communicating concepts in explainer and story-based videos, as well as content for younger audiences thanks to the cartoon-like nature.

3: Piece to camera

Pieces to camera are about creating a direct and personal connection between the presenter and the viewer, which means that your CTA is best delivered by the presenter at the end of the video. What is it that you want them to do next? Focus on the single action you want them to complete and say it straight down the lens. Lights, camera, action!

4: Typography videos

Typography explainer videos use slick fonts with text-based motion to communicate their message. They can be text-only or a combination of text overlays and other visual content, often with voice-over to reinforce key points.

5: Flat icon

Similar to illustration videos, flat icon explainers tell a simple story, but with graphic design-based icons that are animated to perform kinetic motion. As with their static form, these flat icons are impactful thanks to their highly stylised look and feel.


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