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Shell partners with Maxim’s, transforming used cooking oil into bio-fuel

Shell has launched its pilot program with Maxim’s Group to use biodiesel from Maxim’s used cooking oil to power its Hong Kong fleet of over 100 delivery trucks with an annual consumption of 396,000 litres. This partnership aims to unlock the greater benefits of bio-fuel, taking steps towards a more sustainable energy mix.

Maxim’s Group is the first restaurant group in Hong Kong to join this program. It has committed in environmental protection through various key initiatives since 2009.

Patrick So, general manager of cakes & bakery and branded products of Maxim’s Group, said, “Giving waste a second life has been extended to upcycling used cooking oil at Maxim’s restaurants to energy. We are happy to partner with Shell, and currently our over 100 trucks from 2 food production plants are using biodiesel as part of our sustainable development.”

To produce biodiesel, Shell sources biocomponents (B100) and blends it into diesel whilst managing the end-to-end quality assurance to produce the kind of high-quality fuel customers expect. The use of biodiesel reduces “well-to-wheel” CO2 by providing a more sustainable alternative to conventional diesel, as well as upcycling domestic waste materials.

As the first and only biodiesel provider in Hong Kong through retail oil stations, Shell has recently made biodiesel available at Shell’s Tai Po Market station, the third such station providing biodiesel, which expanded the coverage of the sustainable fuel to encourage biodiesel adoption among commercial fleet customers. The other two stations providing biodiesel are located at Tsing Yi and Hong Kong International Airport.

Anne Yu, retail general manager of Shell Hong Kong, said, “By transforming cooking oil into useable fuel, we can reduce both local waste and CO2 emissions while providing energy security for Hong Kong. With over 30 years of experience in distributing biofuels globally, Shell is committed to the further development of bioenergy.”

Shell was one of the first fuel companies to invest in advanced biofuels to explore new sustainable fuels. The Group has been dedicated to energy transition globally. In 2017, Shell Group announced its ambition to half the net carbon footprint of their energy products by 2050 in step with society’s goals of the Paris Agreement.

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