Mindshare and Shazam partner

Shazam, known for its ability to identify music and share related information with users, has paired up with Mindshare to launch Audio+.

Audio+ aims to help brands audit, map and capitalise sound-based elements of brand’s ad campaigns. Mindshare clients in Singapore and APAC will also be able to leverage on the partnership.

The only element not available to brands here will be the the Shazam Engagement Rate, which is currently limited to the US as it uses Nielsen data.

The Shazam app will use audio content recognition technology to identify a brand’s audio assets from TV, radio and in-store adverts. It will then connect the consumer to a tailored mobile experience for the campaign.

As part of the deal, Mindshare clients will receive insights into the ROI on any sound-based assets for the first time and access to consumer engagement data, reporting and insights.

Shazam CEO, Rich Riley, said the program “will help brands worldwide to understand more about when and where people want to engage for more information about their products and services, whether it’s on television, in the cinema, on the radio, in retail locations, online or anywhere else.”

The press statement added that because brands now operate in an adaptive and fast-paced media environment, the need to understand the brand’s asset map and to optimise all aspects of it has become more important.

Without knowing all the touch points of interaction between brand and consumer, a company can be missing out on the opportunity to interact with their customer and carry on the conversation.

Mindshare Worldwide CEO, Nick Emery (pictured), added: “Brands have spent the last twelve months optimising their owned assets for search – text, images, video, etc. – they now need to look at the broader brand territory around sound given the rise of technologies like Shazam.”

He added that it’s time that brands were given "the power to leverage the audio, not just the picture.”

"Traditionally, text (search and social), video (YouTube and other platforms) and image (social such as Facebook) assets have all been audited and distributed as part of a brand’s paid, owned and earned media strategy. However, audio assets have until now gone uncategorised and have not been leveraged," he added.