Sharp Malaysia surprises its own brand ambassador in Hari Raya spot

Electronics provider Sharp Malaysia has launched a film, Raya Sure Suka, which features a live surprise for Malaysian actress and Sharp’s brand ambassador, Zahirah Macwilson.

Done in collaboration with SPIN Communications, the five minute film was shot live on set with the unsuspecting actress who was brought in to film what she thought would be a standard 30-second commercial. Macwilson was told to watch a video, which turned out to be one of her mother expressing how much she misses Macwilson.

Macwilson had previously posted on her Instagram account stating how much she missed her mother who is based in Perth, Australia, as work had kept them apart for over seven months. SPIN Communications then turned it into a surprise reunion between mother and daughter. The agency worked together with film house Think Tank and Macwilson’s people and mum to bring the surprise to life.

According to the press statement, the video organically hit over 100,000 likes on social media within the first nine hours of its upload. The video is made available for viewing on Sharp’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel. Sharp’s senior brand marketing manager, Zoe Chow, said she wanted “something different” and that the company was “wonderfully surprised with the results”.

Campaign credits:
Creative Agency: SPIN Communications
Client: Sharp Malaysia
Sharp Brand Marketing Team: Zoe Chow, Ally Kwan, Charissa Wang
SPIN Team: Chit Quah, Le Vin, Yee Kiang, Mel Leong, Ong Wei Wen
Production house: Think Tank
Film director: Wei Peow