Shangri-La's #MyShangriLa global campaign hits generation Instagram for user-generated content

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts has announced the global launch of its #MyShangriLa user-generated content campaign

The campaign is encouraging travellers to capture and share photographs from their adventures that they consider unique ‘Shangri-La’ moments, with the chance to win prizes. These include monthly rewards, such as 10,000 Golden Circle Award Points, as well as a grand prize two-night getaway to one of 10 Shangri-La destinations of their choice.

Anthony Wong, Executive Vice President, Brands, Shangri-La, explained the concept saying, “Shangri-La to us is both a feeling as well as a place. It’s about an unexpected moment of happiness – of ‘paradise’ – that can happen to anyone at any time, anywhere. We taste it at our favourite table. We hear it in a child’s laughter. We discover it in our travels. In today’s uncertain world, we believe it is important that we do not forget that life is full of moments of joy – of ‘Shangri-La’. In our hotels and resorts, we strive to go the extra mile to connect our guests with their own Shangri-La, through our thoughtful service that comes from the heart.”

One savvy element of the contest is that Shangri-La is making sure not to neglect the rocketing growth of China’s tourist industry by running the photo contest on both Instagram and Weibo. Instagram users taking part can tag their posts with the hashtag  #MyShangriLa and the handle @shangrilahotels, while Weibo users can hashtag #我的香格里拉# and link to the handle @ 香格里拉酒店集团. Those allergic to social media have a third option, uploading them directly to the website at Maybe not totally necessary, but a nice touch.

Ogilvy is the creative team behind this campaign and its always-on platform. Its hoped it will inspire and connect with the Instagram generation of travellers who love discovering and sharing content. Only in its early days, its already drawn a selection of admittedly gorgeous images from round the world.

Matt Nisbet, Ogilvy’s Co-Executive Creative Director, Hong Kong commented, “#MyShangriLa is the ideal platform for Shangri-La to inspire and connect with the Insta-generation of travellers who love discovering and sharing their surprising moments of joy. The great thing is, we all have our own, unique moments of Shangri-La, so we can’t wait to see a truly diverse mixture of images from all over the world that capture this feeling.”