Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts marks 50th birthday with sleek new brand logo

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts has refreshed its brand logo in line with its 50th anniversary celebrations, reflecting the brand's journey and evolution with its guests while staying true to the brand roots of constantly delivering warm Asian hospitality.

According to Shangri-La, the logo presents a more contemporary look and feel while maintaining the brand's equity. The signature “S” mark is retained and takes on a new gold colour that evokes the warm glow of sunrise, and the original typeface is refined for a more modern feel to align with the new design ethos and is inspired by Asian calligraphic elements and creating a connection to history and tradition. The brand has also opted not to include "Hotels and Resorts" in the refreshed logo, recognising that Shangri-La is more than a place, but a feeling and an experience that inspires personal moments of joy.


The first hotel was launched in Singapore in 1971 and the brand now has more than 80 hotels and resorts to date. Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong is currently undergoing renovation while Shangri-La Hangzhou is set for launch in 2022, marking the brand's first hotel in Mainland China. While Shangri-La's spokesperson declined to comment on the monetary value of the rebranding, she said the transformation journey began more than two years ago with a large part of the brand strategy and experience design being led internally. The brand identity design, including the refresh of the brand and hotel logos, was also initiated last year as part of the broader evolution programme, which will be rolled out in phases.

"With our transformation whether it’s a product, an experience, or an identity – the goal was never to uproot ourselves and move away from who we are as a brand. The goal was to build on our strengths, our heritage and continue to evolve in ways that are meaningful and relevant to our guests," the spokesperson explained. According to the spokesperson, the new product and experience design builds on Asian sensibilities and culture, is nature-inspired and truly reflects the spirit of its destinations.

A range of immersive programmes will be launched in the coming months to bring to life the heart and soul of Shangri-La and its global travel experiences. MLA Creative Hospitality was involved in the rebranding. 

Chairman of Shangri-La Group Hui Kuok said the brand is not moving away from its core values. Instead, this customer-centric approach signifies its commitment to strengthening the connection between its guests and its brand experience.

"We operate in some of the most dynamic parts of the world where customer expectations are continuously evolving. Our brand evolution is our way of looking forward to the future and delivering on our promise of heartfelt hospitality in every moment across stay, wellness, family experience, gastronomy and more," she added.

Additionally, CEO Lim Beng Chee said the ongoing brand evolution strengthens Shangri-La’s commitment to guests, colleagues and partners. "We view this undertaking as an important strategy that will empower our hotels to capture new opportunities by keeping pace with our customers and their changing expectations," he added.

Separately, Shangri-La Asia was called out by activist group Justice for Myanmar earlier this week for "continued business with the Myanmar military" through the Sule Square development. According to the activist group, the Sule Square development is on land leased from the quartermaster general’s office of the Myanmar army, which is responsible for the purchase of arms. As a result, Justice for Myanmar has urged consumers to boycott Shangri-La hotels and asked investors to divest. It also called for tenants of Sule Square, including the World Bank, Coca Cola, the American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar and Yara to end all leases and cut all ties with the Myanmar military.

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