Shanghai Rainbow Indoor Chorus’s viral song deals with embarrassing CNY family questions

With the Chinese Lunar New Year approaching, it’s the time for many young people to return to their hometown and celebrate the biggest festival with their family members.

However, facing a series of questions from their senior relatives such as “Have you got married?”, “Have you gotten a promotion and salary raise?”, “Have you bought a house?”, more and more people become part of the “home-fear” group who feel anxious about returning home during the Spring Festival in recent years.

In response to this phenomenon, Shanghai Rainbow Indoor Chorus has released a tailor-made song for young people called What I Do is for Your Own Good.

The seven-minute song utilises a choir style and rap with ironic lyrics and vivid expressions. The beginning of the song is sung by the choir, which involves a family scene where a recently returned young adult is asked a series of questions by family members. After the "question attack" from relatives, the young man decides to reflect on his past and also defend himself through rap.

The official weibo account of Shanghai Rainbow Indoor Chorus explains that the song is more that just a funny song, but a useful guide for young people, providing some useful tips when meeting with those “Spring Festival-specific questions”.

The song soon went viral online, garnering more than 35 million views on the Tencent video platform since its launch on January 17.

The chorus has released several popular songs such as So Far, the Sofa is So Far and Zhang Shichao. Where Have You Left the Key to My House?.