SG Party Time 2 to tell you all about #GE2015

SG Party Time has launched its second edition after its debut in the 2011 Singapore General Elections (GE).

The site is a social media dashboard that provides a one-glance overview of the hottest election topics online, created by Tribal Worldwide, a digital and technology marketing agency, and Isentia Brandtology, an online brand intelligence and monitoring company.

Using 1-Social, a customised crawler platform from Isentia Brandtology, popular buzzwords from up to 10,000 online channels, such as blogs, forum sites, social networking sites and microblogs are extracted to a ‘word cloud’ on the site. The concept is simple—the bigger the word in the ‘cloud’, the hotter the topic.

For the curious wondering where all this talk is coming from, a leader board on the front page ranks the top local-focussed platforms engaged for all online chatter concerning the GE. The site however, goes a step deeper, and reveals the leading political parties that are at the forefront of the conversation.

The front-end site is designed with ‘mobile-first’ in mind and is responsive—it fits both desktops and smaller screens.

A good mix of HTML5 and CSS3 is used throughout the site for a seamless user experience for both election enthusiasts and casual followers.

This is the second time both companies are working together. Their first partnership dates back to the previous General Election.

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