SG Merlion makes a cameo in new Netflix series

In a recently released Netflix show, Carmen Sandiego, Singapore’s iconic Merlion makes a feature. The show is based on the 90s game show, “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?”.

The lead character Carmen Sandiego is played by actress Gina Rodriguez, as the show revolves around Sandiego’s globe-trotting expedition around the world to defeat thieves. Apart from featuring the Merlion in Singapore, the show also features village dancers, supposedly in Indonesia. The dancers are clad in batik attire, performing in a village setting with huts surrounding the area. Netflix has declined to comment on Marketing's queries on the featured Merlion.

This is not the first time Netflix had featured brands and icons on its shows. In August last year, Yakult possibly made a cameo in Netflix’s teen rom-com To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. It instantly garnered traction from netizens online. In a tweet with 80,636 retweets 26,105 likes at that time of writing, Yakult’s origin (Japan) was a point of conversation – with netizens debating why the drink may have been referred to as such in the show.

Prior to that, Nippon Paint unintentionally became the centre of an internet meme which replaces an iconic battle cry in a scene of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, with its brand name.