SG-brand The Golden Duck uses old-school arcade game Snakes to push new product

Homegrown snack brand The Golden Duck has launched a mala-themed game, Mala Chase, in line with the debut of its new product. The catch here is, the new “Sichuan Mala Hot Hot Pot” flavoured snack will only be available through the online game. Inspired by the old-school arcade game “Snakes”, the game will be for a limited period of time only.

Players are challenged with “eating” as many red peppers within the span of one minute, while avoiding bad purple peppers and crashing into their own growing tail of peppers within the game. Mala Chase is made available on desktop computers for Singapore first, as The Golden Duck aims to unveil a mobile version of the game with interactive activations before rolling out internationally.

Jonathan Shen, co-founder and business development director of The Golden Duck said Mala Chase showcases the brand’s knack for pushing creative boundaries beyond its gourmet snacks. He added:

Saving the world from bland, boring snacks is our ethos and we always want to challenge the traditional model of FMCG – we want it to be game-changing.

According to Shen, the responses for its earlier launched Sichuan Mala Hot Pot was well received, while there were some who suggested a “more fiery, mouth-watering and numbing” blend. The Golden Duck’s core audience are tech-savvy individuals between the age of 25 to 35.

For a brand to stand out in the digital age and in a crowded snacks market, The Golden Duck recognises the need to appeal and interact with its consumers around the world seeking new and exciting brand experiences. Adopting a brand-first approach, Mala Chase is expected to amplify its brand awareness, drive engagement and cultivate meaningful consumer relationships and loyalty for the long-term.

“We always believe in having a little fun with our ‘snackers’, because who doesn’t love a good game? We may be a young brand but we’re not afraid to do things differently. We hope to extend the ultimate mala snack experience and excite fans with our latest Mala Chase game, in which you can compete with friends and family in Singapore,” he added.