Sentosa x Enterprise scheme launched to drive innovation for local enterprises

Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) has launched a “Sentosa x Enterprise” scheme to enhance the island’s leisure offerings. Aimed at driving innovation among local enterprises, the scheme aims to create opportunities to test bed ideas, concepts, and technologies, while leveraging the island’s geographical attributes and environment.

According to a statement from SDC, Sentosa x Enterprise’s partnership model allows businesses to “benefit from a risk-sharing arrangement” while working on projects that could boost Sentosa’s vibrancy and attractiveness. Proposals will be assessed on how innovative or novel the concepts are, the business’ ability to achieve SDC’s goals to promote the island as a “world-class leisure destination”.

The focus areas for evaluation include connectivity – enhancing navigation around Sentosa improving convenience; and experience – offerings to attract visitors and strengthen the island’s position as a night destination. Applicants will also be evaluated on sustainability, and initiatives to maintain Sentosa’s biodiversity such as solutions, or app technology to gather data.

Chin Sak Hin, assistant chief executive, SDC said the organisation is constantly on the lookout for “novel and game-changing ideas” that will help to further enhance Sentosa as a “world-class destination” that appeals to locals and tourists.

“A unique and leading holiday destination for more than 19 million visitors annually, Sentosa is an ideal test bed for innovators and companies to test the viability of business concepts and prototypes against the backdrop of the island’s diverse offerings and geographical attributes. The private sector has been an important partner in the success of Sentosa and Singapore’s tourism industry, and we look forward to continue this partnership with aspiring innovators and businesses as we take Sentosa to its next stage of growth,” he added.

This comes shortly after Sentosa revealed it will be opening a new lifestyle quarter featuring eateries, shops, concert and event spaces, and waterfront accommodation to ramp up its night offerings. In a bid to draw in more visitors in the night, SDC will be including the new lifestyle space with bars, food trucks, innovative business concepts and live music under the stars.

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