Scoring with the market leader

While digital channels have made some inroad into the media industry, the print media stands rock solid as a credible platform for marketers who demand guaranteed reach and response. In this respect, the Sing Tao Newspaper Group is well-placed in the media milieu as a one-stop provider of both online and offline solutions.

Gladys Cheng, group marketing director, points out that Sing Tao has the coveted edge in branding and content, and is responsive to market needs which are key to winning in both print and digital. “Sing Tao and Headline are ‘must read’ with an authoritative news coverage, and the ability to attract readers with guaranteed ads response.” she says.

Sing Tao has been quick off the mark in digitisation, as it was the first media company to build a news website back in the last century. The group continues to lead the pack, and Headline Daily, for example, has a popular flip version app and the marketing function-oriented jetso app.

Sing Tao Daily is also a recognised leader in education, real estate, art & culture, and more,” Cheng notes. “And we’re developing our digital platforms vertically in these and other areas.”

Sing Tao has recently launched a website and social media on cars with our editors taking on a KOL role, and active fans that include senior management and professionals in the industry. “It’s a shining example of O2O marketing which advertisers highly appreciate,” says Cheng.

“As marketers ourselves, we fully utilise Headline Daily’s massive print readership to spread awareness and mount promotions,” Cheng adds. “Our digital platforms provide further viral effect and results.”

This article is brought to you by Sing Tao News Corporation