Scoot's marketing lead exits

Sharon Koh, marketing and communications manager of Scoot has left the company after three years in the role.

Koh (pictured left) confirmed her exit to Marketing. She was reporting to Steven Greenway, head of commercial at Scoot. Replacing her will be Jacqueline Loh whose title is senior manager marketing, product and ancillaries of Scoot. Loh will also report to Greenway.

Koh said in a blogpost, which she shared with Marketing, that when she first joined Scoot three years ago, the CEO, Campbell Wilson (pictured left), passed her a thumb drive, consisting of the Scoot logo, a cartoon picture of the plane-to-be and an animated video of it taking off.

“He also handed me a concept called Scootitude, a blank canvas and asked me to create a picture for the Scoot brand[…] Thank you Campbell, for this opportunity and trusting me to grow and nurture the Scoot brand like my own baby. Thank you, agencies for supporting us for the past three years.”

Campbell Wilson, CEO  of Scoot said: "After three years of extremely hard work Koh has moved on to start a new venture of her own – which may, of course, prove to be even harder work than Scoot! In doing so she’s adding to our reputation as an incubator for entrepreneurs.  However, it’s best I don’t steal any of Sharon’s thunder so will leave her to give you more details when she’s ready."

Scoot landed the top title of Marketer of the Year at the Marketing Excellence Awards 2014 in front of hundreds of eager finalists and senior marketers at the Singapore Marriott Hotel tonight. The airline took home a total of three Gold for Excellence in Content Marketing, Media Strategy and Viral Marketing, one Silver for Excellence in Social Media Marketing and rounded it off with a Bronze in Excellence in Brand Awareness.