Scoot uses VR to change low expectations linked with low cost travel

Scoot has partnered with Untitled Project for a 3D virtual tour experience of Scoot’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner. According to a release from Scoot, the VR experience, which will be activated in pop-up showcases in nine countries across the Asia Pacific, is designed to give prospective customers a very unconventional tour of Scoot’s flagship aircraft.

The roll-out is taking place across nine territories including China, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia.  The VR experience will showcase a mixture of real footage and animation, combined with a tongue-and-cheek approach, to challenge the conventional notion that low-cost means low expectations. The animated personalities are based on the portfolio of illustrated characters that the airline has created for marketing purposes.

The experience has been created to support the airline’s new campaign ‘Permitted on Board’ and the launch of the Scoot brand in new cities across Asia. The interactive VR experience invites the viewer on board one of Scoot’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners, which has been shot in 360. Viewers can select ‘Scoot Economy’, ‘ScootBiz’ or ‘ScootinSilence’ for a guided tour of the respective cabins. In addition, an array of 360 videos in different languages have been created for use on social media.

Jacqueline Loh, VP marketing, Scoot; “People have low expectations when it comes to low cost travel, and what better way to change perceptions than to let them experience Scoot for themselves? Thanks to the creativity and technical skills of the team at Untitled Project, we have created a very impactful experience."

"The immersive VR content has enabled us to communicate the rational benefits of flying Scoot such as Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment, extra leg-room and meal options, while also connecting with potential customers on an emotional level by demonstrating how Scoot gives you the freedom to tailor your flight experience according to your needs, all at an accessible price. This was our first foray into VR and we are delighted with the results,” she said.

Warren Mackenzie, founder & creative director, Untitled Project said: “This is the type of brief that Untitled Project thrives on – a VR project that enabled us to fuse 360 footage, 3D animation, motion capture and mobile app development. VR has unrivalled power to take consumers straight to the heart of the action. The result is that viewers will walk away with a sense that Scoot gives them complete control over their flight experience, without taking itself too seriously. Thanks to our brave and forward-thinking client, we can’t wait for people across the region to take part.”