SCMP’s new platform drives campaign effectiveness and improved ROI for marketers

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) has launched a proprietary insight and activation platform which aims to offer marketers consumer insights to drive efficiencies and improve the ROI of their campaigns. 

Built on SCMP’s first-party cookies, with known recency, provenance and quality, the free platform “SCMP LIGHTHOUSE” provides advertisers with the tools necessary to target audiences with greater precision. Its insight tools also allows users to create bespoke audiences on SCMP’s profiles, discover insights in real-time, and easily compare them across geographies.

Developed with privacy at its core, and on publisher first-party cookies, “SCMP LIGHTHOUSE” has been created as a proprietary in-house platform and leverages SCMP’s global readership of more than 50 million monthly average users across key territories such as the US (37%), Asia (32%), and the rest of the world (31%). The platform offers access to quality audience insights and allows partners to activate against geo-specific attributes to bring incremental audiences and value to marketers.

scmp lighthouseplatform visual

“This platform is our answer to the rising governmental and browser regulations and the negative impact it has had on marketers’ ability to target important and valuable audiences,” said Ian Hocking, SCMP’s vice-president of digital.

“Having added value with first-party data means we can understand the value a user sees in SCMP, and connect an advertiser via our trusted first-party relationship. The launch of ‘SCMP LIGHTHOUSE’ marks our commitment to helping our business and advertising partners understand our global audience so we can continue to deliver news and advertising content that adds value to our readers.”

To implement the platform, SCMP partnered with 1plusX to help marketers and publishers unlock the full potential of SCMP’s rich data by extrapolating and aggregating information from various data pools and predicting behavioural trends and patterns from robust data processing and data modelling.

“A whole spectrum of new audience capabilities can be generated, and when applied holistically, the platform will enable SCMP to drive data intelligence in the future,” said Jürgen Galler, CEO of 1plusX.

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