SCMP tweaks luxury offering

The subscribers of South China Morning Post may have noticed their daily bundle got a bit hefty this morning: the extra weight is from the new STYLE magazine, which is distributed as a complimentary copy with the paper once a month.

This comes a week after it moved its five tabloids, Money Post, Health Post, Family Post, Food and Wine and Lifestyle into a new broadsheet section, Life, in the City section.

Personal Investments was also newly brought into the Business section on Mondays.

And just a few days ago, the daily launched two new smart phone apps, smartjob and Classified Post, for job-seekers who tend to the smaller screens.

Yet it doesn’t stop there: weekend guide 48 Hours will debut starting the first Thursday in April, and yesterday saw a new annual restaurant guide, 100 Top Tables 2013, A CEO Dining Guide, distributed to subscribers and will be sold at selected bookstores and supermarkets.

But today, STYLE takes the spotlight.

Given the fierce competition in the luxury market, STYLE editor Jacqueline Tsang said the new supplement will take an in-depth look into the world of prestige rather than just reporting on happenings and events.

“There are magazines in Hong Kong that offer information on fashion and luxury news, but we aim to provide the story behind the story, and a more insightful and intellectual take on the business of style,” she said.

South China Morning Post claims it already has a handful of advertisers who’ve signed long-term contracts.

“Luxury magazines are a highly competitive market, but we are confident that STYLE is really unique. Our insider's look on the lifestyle of the privileged will set it apart from the rest,” said STYLE project head and chief editor of specialist publication, Winnie Chung.