Samsung targets Millennials with Galaxy S8-enabled experience zones

Samsung has created four unique experience zones across 11 partner retail locations in Singapore as part of its Galaxy S8 nationwide launch. Titled "Galaxy Plus", the campaign was conceptualised and produced by Cheil Worldwide, and will run for three months until the end of August.

In a statement to Marketing, Samsung's spokesperson said the company will primarily be using print, out-of-home and social channels to promote the Galaxy S8, in addition to "Galaxy Plus". The campaign's objective is to show how the Galaxy S8 and its ecosystem allows Millennials to explore experiences that was previously not possible.

Each "Galaxy Plus" zone is specially designed and created to showcase the characteristics and benefits of a particular Galaxy S8 feature or companion product.

1. #throwback360 - The nation's first 360° photo booth, designed to recreate nostalgic memories of growing up in Singapore with the Gear 360 (2017) camera.

2. VRcade - A VR gaming area featuring the new Gear VR with Controller, where shoppers immerse themselves in Singapore's first nationwide VR game tournament.

3. DeXspace - A multi-media zone that brings to life the DeX Station: a dock that allows the Galaxy S8 to connect to a bigger screen so it can be used just like a desktop.

4. Samsung Pay - A zone that is a cross between a Lego play area and an old-school game arcade. It lets shoppers experience the secure way to pay with Samsung Pay, and earn virtual tokens for a chance to win their very own Lego figurine from a classic claw machine.

The four zones also feature prominent social media influencers - Andrea Chong (#throwback360), Jessica Tham (DeXspace) and Eden Ang (VRcade) - who will host monthly activities for families with prizes to be won.

"'Galaxy Plus' was borne out of a desire to let millennials experience the Galaxy S8 product ecosystem for themselves in the most relevant ways,” said Eugene Goh, VP, Mobile & IT, Samsung Singapore. "So they see firsthand just how the S8 truly unboxes the passions they care about, in an in-store idea that goes far beyond traditional advertising."