Samsung SG goes all out with brand campaign as it hunts for social star

Samsung is on the hunt for its next social star. Partnering with local content creator SGAG, the brand has launched a social contest titled "#SlayIt". From now until 18 April, Samsung is calling on aspiring content creators to submit a one-minute audition video. After entries close, 12 finalists will compete in a four-week long contest, taking on a different content creation challenge every week with Samsung's Galaxy S21+ 5G. At the end of the four weeks, the top content creator will win SG$10,000 cash and a new Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G, according to Samsung's website.

In a conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Lynn Chong, head of brand marketing, IT and mobile at Samsung Electronics Singapore said the campaign was inspired by a poll done by Guardian which showed that one of the top aspiration of young people was to get famous. "Combine that [insight] with the potential and wild popularity of social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok and you have a trending social attitude that cannot be ignored. We see that here in Singapore where there are more content creators emerging every day with something fun, funny, or passionate to say," she added. Chong took on her role in February, where she now leads a team to drive integrated brand marketing campaigns and initiatives for Samsung's smartphones, tablets and wearables in Singapore. She reports to Sarah Chua, vice-president, IT and mobile, Samsung Electronics Singapore.

Commenting on its partnership with SGAG, Chong said Samsung chose to work with SGAG as the team created a unique identity for itself in Singapore’s social media space with its type of content and a brand of humour that balances broad base appeal with authentic feel and flavour. SGAG will also be managing the social star search from call-for-entries to issuing challenges to the finalists. To promote the contest, SGAG will be putting out social media posts on its own Facebook and Instagram channels, as well as the social media channels of SGAG's KOLs Zina, Brightman, and Syafiqa. Promotional content will also be posted via SGAG's parent company, Hepmil Creators’ Network, creators’ TikTok and Instagram stories. Meanwhile, 

Samsung will be further supplementing the promotion through video ads, radio ads, display banners, and social media postings on its channels. Samsung will also be amplifying the contest, having weekly polls and hoping to uncover talented Singaporeans. 

Understanding that it needed to stay relevant as a brand, Chong said Samsung sees itself as an enabler to young people for this campaign, wanting to send the message that "if they can dream it, Samsung can make it happen". The smartphone brand also aims to enhance self-expression in the social media era with phones such as its Galaxy S21/21+ 5G, as well as promote features such as the Vlogger View which can record both the self and subject’s reactions to something like say, an interview or even a proposal. The #SlayIt campaign is done in collaboration with agency Cheil. 

Concurrently,  Samsung is also running a separate content creation contest for its branded film festival "Short & Sharp film festival" taking place in May. In a similar style, content creators were encouraged to submit a one-minute short film shot on any mobile phone based on the theme “What the World Needs Now” - even an iPhone. This theme was inspired by the new world Singaporeans live, work and play, according to Samsung, where the pandemic has moved people to express hope, joy, compassion and humanity in new ways.  The content creation contest, as well as Samsung's branded film festival, is also aimed to highlight the advanced photography and videography features of its smartphone series, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. When compared, Chong told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that the "Slay It" contest is a lighter, more fun approach to searching for content creators of youthful exuberance. "In an ideal world, the winners of Short & Sharp would work with the winners of Slay it down the road. We are quietly ambitious," she added. 

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