Samsung roasts an entire generation worth of iPhones in just one spot

Samsung has launched a new spot titled “Growing Up” which shows the decade-long journey of an iPhone fan who eventually converts to a phone from Samsung’s Galaxy series.

The chirpy spot starts off with the protagonist getting excited with his first generation iPhone, only to have it run out of storage while taking a picture afterwards. There is another time jump to 2013, with the man now being in possession of an iPhone 5S. He then meets his to-be girlfriend and sees her Galaxy Note 3 which boasts a bigger screen and stylus.

Fast forward to 2016, both the protagonist and his girlfriend fall into a lake. While the girlfriend’s phone gets away unscathed, the guy’s iPhone gets dipped in a bowl of rice for a miracle (sound familiar?).

One year later, the iPhone fan gets a new iPhone 8, along with its highly divisive dongle – a move which copped Apple flak for removing the 3.5mm headphone jack. He then proceeds to connect a multitude of wires to listen to music and charge his phone at the same time – while his girlfriend charges her phone wirelessly.

The spot concludes with the protagonist switching over to a Samsung phone, sending a text message which was similar to his first call with the first generational iPhone – coming full circle.

Since being posted yesterday, the spot garnered 119,104 views on YouTube at the time of writing.

Making fun of Apple is not a new move for Samsung. In 2014, Samsung took a jab at Apple with not just one but six new hilarious videos on its YouTube channel. In the six 30-second videos Samsung takes a swipe (pun intended) at the screen size of the new iPhone, the streaming lag the public saw during #AppleLive, the Apple Watch, the low battery life and much more.

And Samsung isn't alone. Just last month, Google launched an ad campaign consisting of several videos mocking the iPhone to promote its new Pixel 2 smartphone. Similar to Samsung, the ad poked fun at the iPhone’s “Storage Full” notification screen.

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