Samsung Interview: What has the brand offered HK?

To celebrate Galaxy series’ 10th anniversary, Samsung has launched the new Galaxy S10 smartphone series, packed with plenty of technological innovations and breakthroughs.

The series includes three key models - Galaxy @10+, S10 and S10e. Key features include the world’s first dynamic active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) display and on-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, and a professional-grade camera which offers DSLR-quality photos.

Samsung has also launched the Galaxy Watch Active, a smartwatch which combines sports and fashion, and wireless earbuds Galaxy Buds.

In an exclusive interview with Marketing, Yiyin Zhao, managing director of Samsung Electronics HK, says the new series redefines the world’s smartphone standards.

"Samsung has been committed to delivering groundbreaking innovations for a decade, bringing a superior smart mobile experience to consumers. We specially designed three models for the Galaxy S10 in hopes of meeting the needs of different consumers by offering users a variety of options for the best value,” she explains.

Yet, educating customers to better understand new product features could be an issue for smartphone brands and Zhao says hands-on experiential marketing is the key to overcoming the learning curve. For example, Samsung set up the Galaxy Studio at MOKO, Mong Kok last year, which allowed visitors to enjoy the Galaxy S9 series and an AR emoji experience. And in August 2018, Samsung created its first pop-up Samsung Cafe in Causeway Bay, showcasing how the Galaxy Note 9 series was integrating lifestyle into the brand.

High-quality cameras, wireless power-sharing and gaming experiences are some of the areas that Hong Kong users are particularly fond of and the Korean tech giant has positioned itself as an industry leader offering innovation for some time.

But Zhao elaborates that Samsung offers meaningful innovations which matter to users: “Over the past 10 years, Samsung has made breakthroughs in five aspects, such as the display, camera, storage, security and performance. Our smartphones allow them [consumers] to entertain themselves and work, connecting people to their lives.”

Zhao believes that as Hong Kong is an advanced market, customers in the city need the latest products and functionality to enrich their lives.

“Hong Kong people prefer more storage space and security is another top priority. We incorporate every component in our own factory, guaranteeing the quality and functions of the entire phone,” she opines.

However, Samsung is doing far more than the manufacturing of components, Samsung also offers Samsung Knox, a mobile security platform pre-installed in most of Samsung's smartphones, tablets, and wearables. And in late 2017, Samsung collaborated with Octopus to launch Smart Octopus. Zhao concludes that Samsung is working on 5G as well.

“As a technology leader in Hong Kong, we will work with all stakeholders to build a smart city for the people in Hong Kong."