Samsung Galaxy Note 7 makes a comeback as "Fan Edition"

Samsung Electronics wants a happy ending for its infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

A refurbished version of the previously explosive device, named "Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition (Galaxy Note FE)", will return to the market in South Korea this Friday (7 July 2017) as part of Samsung's eco-friendly project "that minimizes waste of resources by utilizing 'Galaxy Note 7' parts".

According to the tech giant's press release on Sunday, the new Galaxy Note FE is made of "unopen Galaxy Note 7 and unused parts", retaining the design and features of Galaxy Note 7. Its software is upgraded by adopting the same UX as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, so the Galaxy Note FE will also include Bixby assistant software introduced with the Galaxy S8. Samsung however emphasise that it has used batteries different from those that cause fires last year.

The company plans to sell Galaxy Note FE in the South Korea market with a limit of 400,000 units, and overseas sales will be "decided later". The revised edition will cost 699,600 won, which roughly converts to HKD$4777.

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The tech giant recalled around 3 million Note 7 phones after several units caught fire last year in November. Samsung had announced in March that it would recycle returned Note 7 phones in an "environmentally friendly way" and mentioned the initiatives to turn the devices into "refurbished phones or rentals phones". (Read more: Samsung to release Galaxy S8 and refurbished Note 7)