Samsung and R/GA tap on to Missy Elliot beats for Mother's Day campaign

Samsung has launched its "Make Mom Epic" Mother's Day campaign which seeks to enable and empower Gen Z creators to show the world, and their own mom, that she is "Far from basic", on TikTok and Instagram. Working with 

R/GA, the entire campaign will be captured the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone. 

The song chosen for the campaign is Mommy by Missy Elliott. The lyrics of the song focuses on what make moms epic. Social media creators will enter the #MakeMomEpic challenge on TikTok by lip syncing and dancing to the song, share everyday photos of their mothers with the beat of the track, and end off with a frame of her. Similar to the video component of the TikTok challenge, creators can also capture photos of their mothers and share it on their Instagram feed.

“We worked with R/GA to enable and encourage a new generation, Gen Z, to capture portraits that do justice to the hero they see in their mom, in ways that they are great in: TikTok and Instagram. We’re excited to see them celebrate their moms in a fun and fresh way, and for moms to be elevated and recognized this Mother’s Day,” Jung Suh, head of digital marketing, Samsung Electronics, said. 

Group creative director, R/GA New York, Sasha Shor said, "By bringing Missy Elliott and her music to this year’s campaign, alongside making real moms from all over the world the true heroes of our campaign, we were able to build on all of our bold, genuine, authentic social work for Samsung in a meaningful celebration of moms – the most incredible people in our lives.” 

“With Gen Z being the first generation of true digital natives, Samsung wanted to leverage the power of social media platforms to create meaningful connections, especially with their moms this Mother’s Day. We were able to bring this to life globally through a truly global one R/GA team, collaborating across offices and augmenting our local expertise with global and regional teams to bring the best in class to every client, in this case, Samsung,” Methavee Tontaveetong, senior account director, R/GA Singapore, said. 

The video Samsung shared on its YouTube page has garnered over 13 million views and 287 comments at the time of writing. The video included several TikTok influencers filming with their mothers. The video ended off with a snippet from K-pop artists, BTS, signing off with a collective "Happy Mother's Day" wish. The hastage "#MakeMomEpic" has garnered over 10 billion views on TikTok at the time of writing. In addition to that, on Samsung's official "samsung with galaxy" Instagram page, it dedicated six posts to six different mothers who were featured in the YouTube video. The posts consisted of various Instagram captions that netizens responded to with heart emoticons. 

One of the captions said: "My mom’s strength and courage to rebuild her life from scratch after my dad passed away. The life she’s created for herself. And how she juggles so many roles with ease is such an inspiration to us all.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to Samsung for comment.

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