HK PR, agency and marketing salary adjustments: How much more pay can you expect?

Hong Kong's economy is showing signs of improvement and some businesses could hire more to meet the needs ahead. However, in a survey conducted by JobsDB, salary adjustment of positions at the marketing, eCommerce, media and public relations industries varied. 

The 2021Job Seeker Salary Report was conducted based on the most updated information of job-seekers, aimed at comparing the changes in salaries and bonuses between 2020 and 2021, examining the latest job-changing situation among job seekers in Hong Kong, and understanding their sentiment and reaction to several key topics related to employment in the city. 

According to the report, the overall salary adjustment in digital marketing, eCommerce and social media was 3.5%, with digital marketing officer enjoying the highest growth (7.1%), followed by social media executive or officer (6.3%) and digital marketing manager (5%).  
jobsdb digital marketing

The report also unveiled the average monthly salary in this sector. For example, the salary of eCommerce manager stood at HK$39,265 and that of account manager was HK$37,409. 
jobsdb digital marketing 2

In the marketing and brand sector, the overall salary adjustment was only 1.6%.

However, senior positions enjoyed higher growth. For example, marketing directors could have a staggering 17.9% salary increase, while brand managers could also enjoy a 8.4% surge. On the contrary, marketing managers, sales & marketing managers, as well as marketing executives or officers, faced salary reduction this year.  
jobsdb marketing branding 1Senior positions not only had a higher salary growth, but also undoubtedly earned more. The average monthly salary of marketing directors were HK$78,220, followed by brand managers (HK$49,233) and senior marketing manager (HK$48,850). Marketing managers earned HK$41,842 a month, according to the report. 
jobsdb marketing branding 2Meanwhile, the overall adjustment in media and advertising was 3% in 2021. Video editors enjoyed the highest growth of 11.8%. However, reports and editors could only have 2.1% and 1% salary growth respectively. 

jobsdb media advertising
However, after salary adjustment, the average monthly salary of video editors was only HK$20,267, slightly lower than copywriters' salary of HK22,250. 
jobsdb media advertising 2

Last but not least, the overall adjustment in public relations and corporate affairs was 1.7%, with public relations managers and corporate communications officers enjoying the highest growth of 4% and 3.9% respectively. 
jobsdb pr1However, according to the report, an assistant public relations managers or assistant corporate communications managers (HK$34,000) earned more than a public relations manager (HK$33,090). 

jobsdb pr2

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