Sabah Tourism Board looks to the public for tourism material

Sabah Tourism Board (STB) is looking to members of the public and budding videographers to create a montage of the Sabah’s tourism attractions. The submissions close on 31 August and the result will be known after a month later.

The contest is free for the public and it is sponsored by Amazing Borneo, Borneo Trails Tours & Travel and Nandos Malaysia. Attractive prizes including a GoPro action camera will be given away.

Chairman, Datuk Joniston Bangkuai at STB office said this is the second online contest organised by STB after the successful photography contest last year which attracted almost 2,000 submissions depicting beautiful Sabah.

“We are providing a platform for visitors and locals alike to capture the moments and share their experience through the video. This is a new approach for us to promote the State tourism and get feedback for the industry,” said Joniston.

STB general manager, Gordon Yapp said: “The selected videos will be viral in the social media to become a promotional tool for STB. We believe many people have recorded a lot of beautiful places in Sabah. And now they can put their creativity to the test and send it to us.

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