Rundown of marketing dollars spent on Halimah Yacob's Presidential campaign

The Singapore Elections Department (ED) has revealed the total amount spent on recently elected President Halimah Yacob’s presidential campaign to be SG$220,875.

According to a report by Channel NewsAsia, SG$198,154 being spent on advertising and promotional materials.The report added that Yacob’s biggest cost was in the 20,110 posters which cost around SG$73,000, inclusive of incineration costs.

Meanwhile, The Straits Times reported that SG$36,400 was spent on the 1.28 million postcards which would have been mailed out to households if the election had been contested.

Next in marketing costs was a profile video of Yacob which amounted to SG$29,000. According to CNA, the video took six days to film. In addition to online marketing costs was SG$16,000 spent on a website, according to ST.The report added that 10,000 fridge magnets were also bought at under SG$0.30 each and 530 umbrellas were bought for SG$1,640.

Marketing has reached out to the Singapore Elections Department for further details.

Meanwhile, other campaign expenses include room rental, office supplies, food, transport as well as telephone and communication costs.

Yacob’s campaign also raised SG$800,000 from donations, this came from six individuals and one marine company. The top donor was found to be businessman Ng Kim Choon, who donated SG$440,000. Next were Sheng Siong CEO Lim Hock Chee and Singapore Salvage Engineers who each gave SG$50,000. In a statement to ST, Yacob’s campaign team said that all unused donations will be given back to donors.

Just in September this year, Yacob was elected president after being found to be the only presidential hopeful to meet the requirements out of five applicants, according to The Straits Times. The event sparked mixed reactions only, with data from global media monitoring house Meltwater observing an “extensive increase in social media chatter”. This was observed around the Singapore Presidential Elections results.

Following the move, Twitter revealed a new emoji dedicated to Yacob, following her presidential victory on Monday. The Twitter emoji design was created in Yacob’s likeness, with Singapore’s national colours for her tudung (headscarf in Malay).