Rodeo guarantees 30% ROI with new app that tracks OOH ad effectiveness

Malaysian transit advertising company Rodeo has launched a crowdsourcing gamification ads application named RodeoGO that connects social media users with brands. RodeoGO rewards users with cash and vouchers in exchange for shares on their social media accounts for selected campaigns, the press statement said.

This was launched in a bid to help marketers track the effectiveness of their out-of-home ads on cars, buses and billboards. According to Rodeo, marketers will be guaranteed a 30% return on investment through vouchers awarded to users.

For example, with the “Spot and Earn” campaign, users will need to be on a look out for a Rodeo car featuring the said campaign. Upon spotting the ad, they will need to snap a picture of the car and share it on their social media pages with the campaign’s hashtag. Once the photo has been verified, users will be reward in coins. Users are required to collect a minimum of 1,000 coins and can cash out 70% of the coins, which amount to RM70. The remaining coins will be rewarded as redeemable vouchers.

Also, clients pay per engagement when using RodeoGO and can track the effectiveness of their campaigns using a real-time analytics dashboard. According to Rodeo, marketers will have access to their campaigns remotely via its proprietary algorithm and data analytics tools.