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RoadShow starts its digital engine

Earlier this month, RoadShow transformed its red-and-white corporate website into a vibrant platform with its video content from the busses, news as well as exclusive celebrity blogs and online content.

It’s what Larry Yip, RoadShow senior vice president of marketing & projects, calls an online magazine.

Though he says the website is not out to compete with existing lifestyle-oriented or news sites, Yip says the platform is his effort in really enveloping consumers in all directions.

“Content creation is everything for any media, so we’re here to get on all fronts in all technologies, which is what this web portal aims to be,” he says, adding that it also provides an extended experience for passengers who want to finish parts of the show that they didn’t get to watch on the bus.

Online traffic will be mainly driven by its mobile TV; the website is currently also powered by banner ads from the likes of Fortune Pharmacal, Hong Kong Broadband and Giordano.

Most of the ads on the website are in-house ads.

Preceding a mobile app that will debut later this year, RoadShow now boasts content that are almost fully produced in-house. In the past two years, for example, it has debuted longer documentaries on the BRIC countries (2012) and other Asian business-friendly areas (2013).

Its development in the digital sphere, however, doesn’t mean the company is losing faith in out-of-home media, especially seeing that it has extended its outdoor display portfolio to include Hung Hing Tunnel, Tai Lam Tunnel and, most recently, the Star Ferries, to name but a few.

‘The the past, we’ve only seen out-of-home to be a medium of growth,” Yip says. “What we have to keep in mind is the execution: instead of just putting an ad there, we now have to link it to other media, like mobile or digital.”

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