RoadShow shifts focus after taking TV show off the road

After ceasing KMB's bus TV advertising business, the license for which expired on 30 June 2017, RoadShow has revealed its strategic pivot to focus on exterior and interior advertising panels on buses.

The company said the main reason to stop running KMB bus-TV was to reallocate its resources to other, more profitable, segments of the group’s business.

RoadShow said it has been in the process of diversifying its business since 2009, and now provides core services like bus body ads, bus interior ads, billboards, online services, event management and content production.

Starting from 1 July 2017, it has expanded its business to bus shelter advertising and set up a new arm “888 LAB” to offer integrated marketing solutions for advertisers to connect with customers.

Claiming to have covered 80% of Hong Kong’s population, its bus shelter ad service offers more than 380 developed bus shelters and will develop 100 bus shelters each year.

Meanwhile, RoadShow is currently running the bus body advertising for more than 4,000 KMB buses and Long Win buses.

On the digital front, its portal has up since 2013. In 2016, RoadShow expanded its social media channels’ promotional capabilities by offering clients a tailor-made video feed via the RoadShow Facebook Fan Page.