Ritz Crackers ad dramatises crispiness with ASMR tech

As part of its initiatives to launch in South Korea, Ritz Crackers' latest ad has employed binaural technology to play on the rustling of its packages, the crunching and chewing of its biscuits, and even the falling of crumbs on a table, all like music in your ears - and strangely intimate.

In collaboration with Korean agency FCB Seoul, which is in work for Mondelez and Dong Suh Foods, the brand employed "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" (ASMR) sound-design techniques to accentuates the crispiness one could experierence when eating a piece of Ritz Crackers biscuit.

The campaign features TV, online, social, cinema and point of sales. The ad has generated more than 132k views on YouTube.

ASMR is commonly described as 'sounds that feel good', such as the crisp of scissors at the hairdressers next to your ear, or the sound of fingers going through hair, or even just close whispering. The effect is recreated digitally using binaural microphones that record with 2 seperate microphones to create a high-definition, 3D-like sound that creates a hyper-realistic sound effect, giving listeners the impression that they're right there in the room.

It has become an internet sensation, with popular YouTube and audio channels that specialise solely in ASMR and has even inspired dedicated forums to share ASMR content, such as the 'Sounds that feel good' page on Reddit.


Client: Mondelez / Dong Suh Foods Corp.
Advertising Agency: FCB Seoul
Executive Creative Director: Taejay Lee
Creative Director: Fachrulrizal Anang
Art Director: Eunhea Kim
Copywriter: Seonghyeong Lee
Business Director: Jerry Yoon
Account Manager: Henry Lim
Account Executive: Cindy Lee
Production: The Headliners
Director: Jay Jun
Executive Producer: Kimi Kim
Planner: Yodha Giwangkara
Producer: Sungmin Kim
Assistant Director: Julia Park
DOP: Chando Jung
Sound Design: Dr. Hook
Sound Director: Youngmoon Yoon