RIO TVC gives new meaning to cocktails

RIO Cocktail has launched a new TVC with an aim to redefine drinking and social culture as well as further engaging with young consumers in China.

Starring Chinese post-90s actor Yang Yang and Taiwanese singer-actress Amber Kuo, the 60-second TVC shows that drinking cocktail has become a new way of interaction and relaxation among Chinese young population.

Xiaodong Liu, chairman of Shanghai Bacchus Limited Company, said the brand aims to establish a new drinking and social culture that makes RIO as a symbol of Chinese youngsters’ social life.

Castro Tian, managing director of McCANN Shanghai, said: “As the Millennial’s perception towards social and drinking are changing, we aim to redefine the meaning of cocktail, giving the brand a new value – relaxing and everywhere.”

After debuting on WeChat, the new TVC also covers 50 cities nationwide via CCTV, mainstream video platforms and apps, as well as partnering with some famous TV media and programmes such as Hunan Television’s Day Day Up and Guangdong Radio & Television Station’s The King of Mic.

Client:RIO Cocktail
Project:2015 Brand Campaign of New Celebrities launch
Agency:McCANN Shanghai
Creative Director:Manco Wei
Art:Eric Lu, Konige Wang, Pipi Liang
Copy:April Han, Jiayi Xu
Planning:Steve Xue、Lydia Chen
Account:Sean Wang、Rae Shen、Shelly Wu