Ribena Malaysia recalls 5 products from shelves due to manufacturing error

As a precautionary measure, Ribena Malaysia has recalled five types of its concentrate after it found that the products were exposed to air during the bottling process. This, the company said, may cause its cordials to be spoil before the indicated expiry date.

In a statement to the press, the company said a preliminary investigation of the manufacturing process has led the company to suspect that the product was exposed to air during the bottling process.

The five types of Ribena concentrate with specific expiry dates which are affected include Ribena Concentrate Blackcurrant Regular, Ribena Concentrate Blackcurrant and Glucose, Ribena Concentrate Blackcurrant and Strawberry, Ribena Concentrate Blackcurrant and Blueberry and Ribena Concentrate Blackcurrant and Apple. Its ready-to-drink products such as the Sparkling Ribena, Pouch Pack, Packet Drinks, PET Bottles and Pastilles are not affected.

"This appears to cause the product in random bottles to potentially deteriorate in quality earlier than the expiry date," it said.

The company also posted on Facebook to inform its fans and consumers about its decision on 14 August. It also warned consumers not to have the product if it appears to be "unusual, taste or smell sourish".


The company said it's conducting further investigation in finding out the cause of the product quality deterioration and this should be completed by early next week.

"We have also halted production of Ribena concentration products until all investigations are fully completed," it added. The company also apologised to its consumers and said it is currently “working hard to resolve this issue urgently and hope to reinstall all Ribena products back on the shelves very soon.

A+M has reached out to Ribena for more comments.