Rexona asks singles to sniff potential dates' shirts

To examine the impact of odours on a date, Rexona asked ladies to take a good whiff of their potential partner's shirt before meeting him face to face.

In partnership with PHD Worldwide, the social experiment paired and invited six strangers to join a seemingly normal date. However, the girls were asked to sniff the boys' sweat-stained shirt, and outline their first impression before they actually met. Perhaps unsurprisingly, smelly shirts led to unsuccessful dates.

The videos were then published on Facebook page STAKK, garnering over 100k views in the first three hours. It has now generated 480k views with 615 shares and 684 comments since its launch this Monday.

According to Rexona, the new campaign aims to "stress the impact that bad smell could bring", as well as draw awareness and discussion on the topic.

"This is a new content marketing approach with Rexona, and it successfully stirs up conversations on the topic. The engaging video has encouraged people to share their own experiences in the comments section, which is much to our surprise," said Hidy Lee from PHD Worldwide.

The response to Rexona has, overall, been positive with Facebook users sharing their own experiences or tagging their friends to watch the fun video.