Reuter Communications sets up new division to enhance training and wellbeing

Reuter Communications has created its Reuter Academy to conduct training sessions and provide wellness through fun activities for its staff.

Under this new set-up, staff can learn about e-commerce on China’s biggest apps; hear from the platform’s leaders themselves; listen to big-name speakers from the corporate and entrepreneurship world; have in-office massages and rooftop yoga sessions; or fun such as the Friday evening cocktail mixology class.

“I want our business to be a place where people truly feel like they’re given a chance to reach their potential and to be inspired. I want our workplace to be a platform to help people excel and to help them have a balanced life. Our commitment to this mission is the launch of Reuter Academy,” said Chloé Reuter, founder and CEO of Reuter Communications.

Founded in 2010, Reuter Communications has four offices – Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai – with more than 85 staff. Last year, the agency established Reuter Intelligence to offer research, insights and data services.