Resulticks brings advanced omnichannel marketing solution to the Philippines

Resulticks, a leading real-time customer engagement solutions provider, has today announced the expansion of its in-country presence in the Philippines to meet local demand from brands for omnichannel marketing solutions. Based on a recent study by Resulticks, 70% of Filipino brands have already begun consolidating their customer engagement database, a crucial leading indicator of the market’s growing movement towards an omnichannel marketing approach.

“The Philippines is a key market for our expansion, as Southeast Asia continues its rise as a global economic powerhouse,” said Redickaa Subrammanian, co-founder and CEO of Resulticks. “As local companies become more sophisticated, we want to position ourselves as a key partner in their growth plans.”

“To commit to this goal, we have built up our in-country presence here, and we are extremely excited to have Ria Rodriguez-Bie as part of our team. Her expertise on the local market, combined with our technology, looks set to give local brands new tools and strategies to engage with customers in brand new ways,” added Subrammanian.

With 21 years of experience channels and direct sales in the SaaS space, Rodriguez-Bie has spearheaded huge regional channel partnerships and sales leadership initiatives across APAC. During her time at Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM, she led her teams in cultivating key partnerships that won over major customers in retail, airline, real estate, and telecom, as well as large agencies. As Asia Pacific director for partnership channels at Resulticks, Rodriguez-Bie will lead the company’s efforts to expand its partner network in the APAC region.

“Filipino consumers have become increasingly saturated with marketing messages from brands, meaning local brands have had to undergo significant changes to shift with the times. This is why 59% of local brands have said that real-time marketing is a key priority for them in 2019,” said Rodriguez-Bie. “Through our market-leading technology, we want to help local brands - especially those in the BFSI, retail, and travel and hospitality sectors - take their marketing strategy to the next level and help them engage with their customers in a more meaningful way.”

To support and drive growth, Resulticks has appointed Cloudian as its implementation partner of choice in the Philippines, based on its expertise and understanding of Resulticks’ business and the market landscape.

Kulmeet Bawa, chief operating officer, said, “Brands in the Philippines are tapping into the power of digital and innovation to create new opportunities for growth and foster a future-forward environment. We at Resulticks are thrilled to be an enabler of this transformation as our presence grows across the country."

Named by Gartner to its Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs for three consecutive years, Resulticks is a timely solution for the Philippines marketplace, given that local brands, according to the survey, have highlighted technology limitations and an overwhelming amount of data as their top two marketing challenges. Marketers can download the full report, The Omnichannel Imperative, at to get more insights into the state of enterprise omnichannel readiness in Southeast Asia based on 345 businesses in the region.

With Resulticks’ omnichannel reach, brands can coordinate marketing campaigns across all relevant channels, including social media, emails, eCommerce platforms, mobile apps, SMS and digital assistants. Resulticks can also enable integrated campaigns by bridging the gap with offline channels using technology such as QR codes and location beacons in conjunction with robust customer data.

Resulticks also pairs robust customer data management capabilities with AI and machine-learning to enable brands to better deliver seamless customer journeys and individualized interactions with customers in real-time.