Direct mail case study: Reimagining the three little pigs

In the lead up to the Lunar New Year, boutique design studio MAAD Creatives continued its annual tradition of producing its own red packet design for the third year running.

Designed and produced exclusively for its clients, the red packets pay homage to the pig, which is the Chinese zodiac sign for the upcoming Lunar New Year. Under the leadership of creative director Max Chionh, the team turned the conventional red packets into collectibles, with delicate die-cut doors to peep through and a reimagination of the three little pigs.

Hand-painted with watercolours, MAAD packaged the artwork in a red minimalistic cover that allowed the recipient to have a peek at the three little pigs as well as what was to come. Combining the Eastern tradition with a Western fable, MAAD localised the red packet without the “Huats” and “Lahs”, transporting the little pigs and their antagonist into an iconic shophouse scene. 

A Chinese character was painted onto each of the three shophouses – 福 (prosperity), 满 (full) and 乐 (happiness). Featured on the flip side of the red packet were MAAD’s elephant mascot and resident cats chasing the big fat wolf, which happens to be riding a bicycle into another side of town.

While the red packets were printed in limited quantity and were non-purchasable, 10 sets were made available to the public through a Facebook contest from 11 to 20 January 2019. Winners also received one of the three versions of the three little pigs tote bags, which were available for purchase.

According to Chionh, clients were delighted to receive the one-of-a-kind red packets inspired by a familiar childhood fable, and were impressed by the effort and details that went into the creation. A few of them even wondered whether they could purchase more of them.


Produced as a gift exclusively for the agency’s clients.

Target audience

Clients of MAAD Creatives.


Clients were delighted to receive the red packets and asked for additional purchase.

The writer is Max Chionh, creative director, MAAD Creatives.

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