Reigniting resolutions to uplift community spirits

This post is sponsored by Sun Life Malaysia.

The year 2020 was a truly challenging year for us all – be it physically, financially or mentally. With plans on hold or cancelled on top of some losing their jobs and loved ones due to the pandemic, these only heaped further stress and anxiety while causing hardship for many.

While we remain physically distanced for the safety of others, it has never been more important for us to be emotionally connected, and to make time and engage with our loved ones and uplift their spirits. Not forgetting, the need to look after our own health and emotional wellbeing after one of the most stressful years of our lives.

To raise hope and drive change during this challenging period, we can all collectively do more to listen to and empower each other and those around us. And the time for action is now! As we head into 2021 – a fresh new year brings with it fresh opportunities and renewed hopefulness. 

Live healthier lives

As a responsible organisation, Sun Life Malaysia has been focusing on the wellbeing of the community as an integral aspect of our business. With our purpose of empowering Malaysians to achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives, we have been making a difference in their lives by rolling out not just a comprehensive range of protection solutions, but also various outreach programmes to help them take charge of their health since 2013.

“We are committed in ensuring the health and safety of Malaysians and we recognise that their physical, financial, and mental state are very important to maintaining overall wellness and living better, brighter lives,” said Raymond Lew, CEO and president/country head of Sun Life Malaysia.

raymond lew ceo and presidentcountry head of sun life malaysia

Take for example, our Live Healthier Lives initiatives that have been our key programme in bringing together all these aspects via numerous on-ground events and social media activations. Whether it was group exercise sessions or our annual Resolution Run, educational videos or social experiments, we took a grassroots approach to allow people from all walks of life to connect, experience, and be inspired to change.

Even during this pandemic, we endeavoured to continue our efforts digitally. We brought communities together through our virtual initiatives such as Instagram workouts, mini challenges, online tips and even an e-forum with influential speakers to keep Malaysians healthy holistically.

brighter wellness e forum 2020 3

This goes to show that with the right ingenuity, corporations can still uplift communities even during this pandemic. In an environment where consumers place more weight on brand values than ever before, it is not only the socially responsible thing to do, but also a sound business decision as well.

Uplifting people through resolutions

Hopes and passions are what gets us through the toughest of times and helps turn the challenges we face into strengths during unprecedented situations. Therefore, the importance of investing in empowering the hopes of people cannot be overstated.

Resolutions are the perfect embodiment of this collective yearn for hope. Regardless of the situation currently, the pandemic has given a new perspective of striving for the better, and the yearly ritual of resolutions is the perfect opportunity to crystallise that hope.

We have witnessed first hand the power of resolutions and fresh beginnings through our annual Resolution Run series. With the hope of igniting conversations on resolutions and providing people with the momentum to see out their resolutions, this running event has encouraged thousands to put their best foot forward on a yearly basis and make healthier lifestyle choices.

resolution run 2020 1

Despite being unable to proceed with the annual Run in 2021, we decided to pivot to a more digital focused approach to continue setting the positive wheels in motion through our Champion Your Brighter Side campaign. This innovative method allows Sun Life Malaysia to continue our efforts in sparking positive change and bringing brighter lives to Malaysians for their long-term holistic health.

Champion your brighter side

The campaign was unearthed from the conversation we wanted to trigger – the importance of championing yourself especially after a tumultuous 2020. The three-month campaign spreads into January 2021 with a spotlight on the core aspects of physical, mental and financial wellness.

Besides reaching out to Malaysians with informative content, inspirational videos, webinars and an engaging contest, we also leverage on local key opinion leaders, influential speakers and even our brand ambassador, Hairul Azreen, to inspire them towards the path of achieving their resolutions and encouraging them to make incremental and conscious changes in improving their financial, physical or mental state.

After the year we had, we could all benefit from having something constructive to look forward to and work towards. Even the small effort of visualising a better year ahead adds some positive sparks to our life and makes the coming days tolerable.

So, let’s add on the New Year resolution of championing for your physical, financial, and mental wellness towards a brighter year ahead!

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