Reebok Southeast Asia picks social agency for FB and IG marketing

Reebok has appointed Duo Studio to manage its Instagram and Facebook accounts for a year. The agency is responsible for developing a digital strategy to establish brand leadership in the region, as well as spearhead creative production and influencer management to meet the objectives of elevating brand awareness as well as desirability among fitness and style enthusiasts. Work for Reebok has already rolled out.

According to founder Stephanie Phua, Duo Studio was chosen for its strong social media strategy that resonated with the client, coupled with its regional experience and understanding of the fitness category in Southeast Asia. Phua said the agency aims to better reach out to and engage the right target audiences through social media for the brand. In addition, it is also focused with helping the Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines markets build effective communication strategies and brand standards while increasing brand consideration for Reebok through social media.

Founded in 2015, Duo Studio has since expanded from a two-man team to 16 individuals. Among the list of brands it works with include F&N, Pan Pacific Hotels Group, Kao Singapore, MINI, and Suntec City. "We are blessed to be in this space. The year 2020 gave us the opportunity to regroup and revisit our strategies for 2021," she explained. Phua added that the team is also grateful that demand for its services has gone up and that it has grown in capacity and efficiency during this season. 

"Work wise, we have had to pivot our processes and adapt to coordinating and producing content remotely. Having a relatively young team made of digital natives was a real advantage," she said. On the type of skills she is looking out for this year, Phua said she always seeks innovation, growth mentality, and clarity of thought in hires. "This year, negative capability is important. In these uncertain times, I am specifically looking out for people who are capable of divergent thinking, convergent action, and influential communication," Phua said. 

Quoting poet John Keats, Phua explained "negative capability" to be writers who are able to work within uncertainty and doubt. The concept also means having the ability to accept not having an immediate answer to remain willing to explore how something may evolve before there is a clear outcome. With the new wins such as Suntec City, San Remo, and F&N as well as the new hires it has made, Phua said Duo Studio is taking a break from pitching and focusing on stabilising and strengthening the team while maintaining servicing and creative standards.

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